Our Mission:

        To make strong followers of Jesus
           who together impact our world.

Strong followers are people who are:

  • Committed- to Jesus
  • Connected- to other believers
  • Called- to serve their church and world.

        Our History:  EFC began in 1977 as Bethel Church, an independant and non-denominational church pastored by Charles Crouse.  Within a few years the congregation began to feel the need to be a part of a larger church family.  So, in 1981 Bethel became a part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and was renamed Ellensburg Foursquare Church.  In 1982 Bill Keiselhorst replaced Charles Crouse as pastor, and in 1986 David and Linda Saltzman assumed the pastorate.

About Us
Making Strong Followers of Jesus Who,                                 Together, Impact Their World

Making Strong Followers of Jesus Who,                                 Together, Impact Their World
About Us

Making Strong Followers of Jesus Who Together Impact Our World

Senior Pastors
David & Linda Saltzman

Strong followers are not simply believers in Jesus.  They are committed to him on an everyday, 24/7 basis.  Strong followers are also not isolated individuals.  Instead they are in vital and loving relationships with other followers where they can encourage, teach, help, and pray for one another.  Finally, strong followers of Jesus have a bigger vision than themselves.  They really see the people around them; they see their hurts and their needs.  And like Jesus and his first century followers, today's followers of Jesus are equipped and empowered to "Do What Jesus Did", which is to proclaim good news and minister healing and freedom.  This was Jesus' mission.  This is our mission.
Associate Pastors
Amos & Elanor Freiheit

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